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An SSL certificate is a data file that binds an encrypted key to your site information. In other words, the certificate ensures that there is a secure connection between the web server used and the browser by enabling the "https" protocol.

You are here because:

  • You already have a service hosted by CBlue.
  • You wish to secure your data and those of your customers which transit by Internet.
  • You wish to guarantee the origin of your data and thus avoid a part of the attacks " Man-In-The-Middle " (attack concerning the communication between two interlocutors) or " Phishing " (fraud or deception which incites to reveal sensitive information).
  • You have an e-commerce site and you want to conform to the European directives.

What services do we offer?

The order of your SSL certificate and its follow-up (including the generation of CSRs).

Verification of "whois" data.

Assistance in choosing the type of SSL certificate.

Installation of the certificate.

Renewal of the certificate.

Assigning and configuring an additional IP address if necessary.

What do you have to do to implement the solution?

  • Once the certificate is installed, you may have to adapt the links on your pages, i.e., replace the "http" links with "https" links, depending on the solution you use.
  • If necessary, we will assign your own IP address for your certificate. You will then have to adapt your DNS configuration. If the DNS are managed by CBlue, this will be done by us.

What type of certificate?

  • The "Extended Validation" or "EV" certificate

    It allows you to display a blue or green address bar on your users' browsers in order to offer more security despite its price and ordering time. It is a type of certificate used, for example, on online commerce sites. It is valid for a single "domain" (example:

  • The "Wildcard" certificate

    Does not change the color of the address bar. It is valid for all domains ending with a given domain name, for example, "*". Please note that you cannot put a dot (.) in what precedes "". So will not work while will.

  • The "Simple" or "Standard" certificate

    The most common, it offers the same level of data encryption as the "EV" or "Wildcard" certificate but is only valid for one domain and does not make the address bar blue/green.

  • "CBlue" certificate

    This certificate is only valid to protect a domain whose name ends with "". You benefit, in fact, from the " Wildcard " certificate of This inexpensive solution allows you to have a small part of your website protected by a certificate. For example, a webservice, a transactional part, etc. This solution is often used for the realization of "Facebook" applications.

What are the prices?

  • Customers renting a dedicated server from CBlue have a discount of 5€ on the monthly fee or 55€ on the annual fee for the first certificate installed on this server. This discount is due to the fact that it is not necessary to assign a new IP address for the first certificate.
  • The "" certificate can be ordered for less than 1 year.
  • There are no additional costs.

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